Why I love D’Acqua

If you live in Sunderland, you’ll know my pain: there are not many great restaurants to choose from. The number of ‘Italian’ and Indian restaurants is just… impressive. I’m not a fan of Indian food, and there is so much pasta and pizza that a person can eat. And this is probably one of the reasons why I love D’Acqua so much.

I’ve discovered it last year when my ever so nice boss decided that we should celebrate my first week at work and he took me out for lunch. That’s when I tried the dish that I will never get tired of. I’ll explain below why.

So here’s why I love D’Acqua:

5. The people – the manager and everyone at this restaurant are very nice, they are always very attentive and they seem to remember small details that make dining there very pleasant. I love how they always smile and answer all our questions with so much patience.

4. The decorum – I mean, it’s purple. Daring, yet so nice. Warm and just perfect for the ambient.

3. Talking about the ambient – the music is good, never too loud. And I have never seen a sad or worried face there.

2. The prices – they have an early bird menu that, unlike other restaurants, has more than 3 dishes to choose from. £15 for a 3 course menu is a very good price. When you taste the food, you will probably think you should’ve paid more than that. Plus, all their ingredients are locally sourced.

1. THE SIZZLERS. This is the one dish that I will never get sick of. I love it. The chicken and the mixed sizzlers are my favourite food. Served with vegetables or chips, they are to die for. I’ll leave you with a picture that I’ve taken from their Facebook page.


Plus, they have great coffee, an amazing cheese cake and an insanely delicious French Apple Tart with the best vanilla ice cream you’ll ever find.



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