Sometimes I fall into routine. I become too comfortable with what I do. And shortly after I become bored. That’s when I start reading books that I place in the category ‘motivation-boost’. Or I go to events, for the same reasons. Every time I read a new book on how businesses (should) work, or I attend a workshop on subjects that I’m interested in (usually digital media, marketing and everything in between), I re-charge myself with inspiration and motivation. It’s how I’ve learned to build a momentum for myself. And I try to exploit it and keep it going as much as I can afterwards.

This time it was a book. ReWork, written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, is about how to build, start and run a business. It’s an interesting read; it assured me that some of the things I’m doing are absolutely right and it showed me that I still have resources that I should explore.

The most interesting I think it’s the idea that whatever we’re building, there are other things on the side that we are producing at the same time; be it physical things or more abstract things, such as knowledge. For instance, I work in marketing. I do a lot of hands-on work: I create content for social media, I do a lot of e-mail campaigns, some design, research and many other things. The thing I ‘produce’ on the side is knowledge and experience. My knowledge and experience are valuable for someone else. While I do hands-on work, I can also use the extra that I gathered and do training for people who didn’t have the time or resources to gather this knowledge. The thing that I produce on the side and which is not my main focus, is still valuable. Nothing should be wasted or dismissed; everything must be explored.

Now I’ll leave you with a paragraph that I liked very much. It’s on inspiration and motivation:




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