Digital Business Academy

DBA1I found about the Digital Business Academy some time ago, when my manager showed it to me. And I’d like to share my thoughts about why you should consider taking an online course and why the DBA is very good.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel not happy with how much I know. And that is when I start learning again. I am in one of those situations now, when I have been working for almost a year and I feel the need of taking it a step further. So I started taking DBA courses, with the purpose of becoming better at what I do. And who knows what else I might get out of it!?

So here’s why everyone who works in the digital industry, has a digital business or plans to set one up should have a look at the Digital Business Academy.


Why I love D’Acqua


If you live in Sunderland, you’ll know my pain: there are not many great restaurants to choose from. The number of ‘Italian’ and Indian restaurants is just… impressive. I’m not a fan of Indian food, and there is so much pasta and pizza that a person can eat. And this is probably one of the reasons why I love D’Acqua so much. (more…)


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Sometimes I fall into routine. I become too comfortable with what I do. And shortly after I become bored. That’s when I start reading books that I place in the category ‘motivation-boost’. Or I go to events, for the same reasons. Every time I read a new book on how businesses (should) work, or I attend a workshop on subjects that I’m interested in (usually digital media, marketing and everything in between), I re-charge myself with inspiration and motivation. It’s how I’ve learned to build a momentum for myself. And I try to exploit it and keep it going as much as I can afterwards.


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