How I feel about Suits – season 5 finale


I am beginning to think I should start a blog on how I feel about TV shows. My friends and family know I’m a massive TV geek and I watch EVERYTHING! And I am quite passionate about some, I’ve got strong opinions about others. So here it goes.

(Massive Spoilers Ahead!!!)


Last night was the Season 5 finale of Suits. We all kind of knew what was going to happen, but hoped it wasn’t gonna happen. So, yeah, Mike went to prison! Of course he did, it was doomed since the very first episode.

After watching the last few episodes, I started to have some mixed feelings. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love those sexy, smart men. I adore those hot, witty, intelligent women. But Mike committed a crime! And that is the underline here. I am all for social justice, I am a strong advocate of equality, but Mike Ross committed fraud and that cannot be just brushed off.

We could have an entire discussion about the greater good or how ‘the end justifies the means’. But the truth is he broke the law. And he got a lot of money out of it too. He had to be punished.

I love the show and I think the writers did it justice. Because there is no way you could be a fake lawyer and NEVER be discovered and not go to jail. I feel very strongly about cheating and, even though I love Mike Ross, it is only right that he goes to prison for a while.

I think what we should learn from this is that the end CANNOT justify the means, when you break the law. You cannot go through life being a cheat, even though you ‘do it for the greater good’. This is not an excuse.

I cannot wait for the next season. I think Rachel will be pregnant (come on? so many clues!). I think it will be focused on the ‘Fantastic 5′ trying to save the firm. And, of course, Harvey’s struggle to cope with Mike being in prison. I think Mike will start doing his ‘lawyer thing’ in prison and working on cases for the other inmates. I don’t think we will see him released in season 6. Maybe at the end! But it would be such a shame to see them skip directly to the part where it’s two years later and he gets out of prison. That would be bad writing!



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