Digital Business Academy

DBA1I found about the Digital Business Academy some time ago, when my manager showed it to me. And I’d like to share my thoughts about why you should consider taking an online course and why the DBA is very good.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel not happy with how much I know. And that is when I start learning again. I am in one of those situations now, when I have been working for almost a year and I feel the need of taking it a step further. So I started taking DBA courses, with the purpose of becoming better at what I do. And who knows what else I might get out of it!?

So here’s why everyone who works in the digital industry, has a digital business or plans to set one up should have a look at the Digital Business Academy.

The purpose of it is to equip people with the skills to operate within the digital industry (be it as an employer or employee). The courses are delivered by UCL, Cambridge Judge Business School and Founder Centric. For someone like me, who has a degree in New Media, but no Business education (i.e. I know how to do the techy stuff, I have a way with words too, but I don’t know much business theory), a specialising course like this would be very useful if I want to be my own boss (and I want to. Soon.)

The DBA ‘Rewards’ program is incredible. If you finish 6 or more courses, you might be in for: office space for you in business accelerators, fast-track to interviews at tech companies, mentorship from the likes of Ogilvy and Microsoft Ventures, places in business bootcamps, training, consultancy sessions, social media software, access to accelerators and even star-up loans. Need I say more?

Yes, I do. It is free! You have no excuse. If you’re complaining that you would like to learn, but it’s expensive yada yada… shut up and start learning now. Plus, you get a certificate too, for every course that you complete.

Tech City are doing a great job encouraging people to start digital businesses. And, no, you don’t have to be in London to have access to all of these. The great benefit of the mighty Internet is laying at your feet, ladies and gentlemen.

Happy Learning! And do let me know what you think.



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