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Black-ish – S02E16. Sau cum am plans la o comedie

Daca nu urmariti Black-ish, va spun, ar trebui sa urmariti macar Episodul 16 din Sezonul 2. Nu am crezut ca as putea plange vreodata la o comedie, dar am plans la ‘Black-ish’.


Pe scurt, S02E16 este despre violenta politiei in USA si #BlackLivesMatter (desi nu mentioneaza ultima parte clar). Este despre cum un cuplu de parinti incearca sa isi educe copiii intr-o tara in care vietile lor sunt dispensabile.

I feel sorry for Cersei Lannister


I am almost half way through reading the books of ‘A song of Ice and Fire‘. Last night, after watching the first Comic Con that the Game of Thrones cast attended, I had a revelation. I feel sorry for Cersei Lannister. And I believe what Lena Headey, the actress who plays Cersei, says about the Queen Mother: she is misunderstood by the majority of people who hate her.

The books have given me a better perspective of the story. And here is why I think Cersei Lannister is troubled, but by no means is she a villain. (more…)


ReWork featured image

Sometimes I fall into routine. I become too comfortable with what I do. And shortly after I become bored. That’s when I start reading books that I place in the category ‘motivation-boost’. Or I go to events, for the same reasons. Every time I read a new book on how businesses (should) work, or I attend a workshop on subjects that I’m interested in (usually digital media, marketing and everything in between), I re-charge myself with inspiration and motivation. It’s how I’ve learned to build a momentum for myself. And I try to exploit it and keep it going as much as I can afterwards.