Black-ish – S02E16. Sau cum am plans la o comedie

Daca nu urmariti Black-ish, va spun, ar trebui sa urmariti macar Episodul 16 din Sezonul 2. Nu am crezut ca as putea plange vreodata la o comedie, dar am plans la ‘Black-ish’.


Pe scurt, S02E16 este despre violenta politiei in USA si #BlackLivesMatter (desi nu mentioneaza ultima parte clar). Este despre cum un cuplu de parinti incearca sa isi educe copiii intr-o tara in care vietile lor sunt dispensabile.

Am plans! Si va las trei quote-uri aici ca sa vedeti de ce:

“Oh, so you wanna talk about hope, Bow? Obama ran on hope! Remember when He got elected? And… and we felt like maybe just… maybe we got out of that bad place and made it to a good place. That… that the whole country was really ready to turn the corner. You remember that amazing feeling we had during the inauguration? I was sitting right next to you… and we were so proud! And we saw him… get out of that limo and walk alongside of it and wave to that crowd. Tell me you weren’t terrified when you saw that! Tell me you weren’t worried that someone was gonna snatch that hope from us like they always do. That is the real world, Bow! And our children need to know that that’s the world that they live in.”

“As a parent, it’s hope that we pray we can pass to our children. But sometimes, it’s your children that give you hope!”

“Here’s the deal… This is the world that we live in; a whole lot of white, a whole lot of black, but mostly grey. And as a family we’re gonna figure it out together!

Episodul asta este despre disperare si speranta in acelasi timp! Este povestea nu numai a Africa-Americanilor, ci a multor altora in acelasi timp: a celor de etnie roma, carora li se interzice accesul la o piscina publica, a celor cu dizabilitati, care nu sunt primiti la gradinita de educatori, a tuturor carora li se spune ca sunt prea tineri ca sa poata schimba ceva, a tuturor refugiatilor care sunt priviti cu ura si stigmatizati. Episodul asta este al lumii intregi!

Acum vi-l las pe John Lennon sa va mangaie sufletul:



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