20 is the best time to be selfish

I am selfish. I’ve realised this recently. I live only for myself, I’ve got no strings attached and no massive responsibilities. I can spend lazy days reading or sleeping or just doing nothing. I can travel wherever I want, whenever I want. I can stay in bed writing this blog post with no one to disturb me. Just because I want to… Noticed the preponderance of the word ‘I’?

I am 24 and what determined me to write this is the avalanche of uncomfortable questions from people who think they can have an opinion on how I should live my life. It’s the classic conflict between generations, when both people younger and older than you think you know nothing. And you think they know nothing.

Not long ago, I was having lunch with two people from work, 30 years my seniors. We were talking about books and they were surprised to know that I read a book of 700 pages in one week, outside work. With a hint of jealousy I think, one of them said that it means I have a lot of free time on my hands (mind I work the same hours as them). This prompted the thought that I live a life only for myself, I don’t have anyone to stop me from doing what makes me happy, and I don’t mind it at all…

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What I am trying to say (maybe not very successfully) is that your 20s should be your selfish years. I see enough people around me who, at 20 something, have children, a house to pay for, cars to maintain and a lot of stress to deal with. I see a lot of people around me who, at 40 something, are complaining that their life has gone past them and all they did was work work work. For a house, for the children, for a car, for ‘a better future’. And both categories mentioned above are sour and exhausted and frustrated. There are exceptions, of course. Only very few unfortunately…

I’ve learned that the best way to live my 20s is to own nothing! To work for myself, to buy whatever makes me happy, to travel and to be… selfish! I know, typical ‘millennial’ thinking. I don’t even care that I may be falling into the stereotype. I am selfish and I think it’s the best version I can be at 24.

I don’t own anything, I don’t have any responsibilities. I can afford being selfish and live the way I want!



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  1. Osman Osman
    August 26, 2015 at 4:37 am (5 years ago)

    Yeah well when you run your father business at your 20′s i guess you can’t be selfish no more. You dedicate 12 hours of your life a day for work and the other 12 hours trying to figure out why the fu*k your doing this to yourself at a young age “24″ then you remember the responsibility that your father trusted you with and you stay stuck for the rest of your life.


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