Romania nu mai are credibilitate

Gigel Stirbu, fost Ministru al Culturii si vicepresedinte PNL, sustine ca imaginea Romaniei a fost lezata, ca tara noastra a fost ‘decredibilizata’ ‘la nivel european si international’ pentru ca am fost descalificati de la concursul Eurovision pe motiv ca TVR nu a platit o datorie veche de vreo noua ani. Cumva Stirbu sustine ca este vina Guvernului Ciolos, desi contributia pentru 2016 a fost platita, iar Guvernul Ciolos a venit la conducere abia la sfarsitul lui 2015. Aveti aici intreaga bazaconie.  (more…)

How I feel about Suits – season 5 finale


I am beginning to think I should start a blog on how I feel about TV shows. My friends and family know I’m a massive TV geek and I watch EVERYTHING! And I am quite passionate about some, I’ve got strong opinions about others. So here it goes.

(Massive Spoilers Ahead!!!)


Black-ish – S02E16. Sau cum am plans la o comedie

Daca nu urmariti Black-ish, va spun, ar trebui sa urmariti macar Episodul 16 din Sezonul 2. Nu am crezut ca as putea plange vreodata la o comedie, dar am plans la ‘Black-ish’.


Pe scurt, S02E16 este despre violenta politiei in USA si #BlackLivesMatter (desi nu mentioneaza ultima parte clar). Este despre cum un cuplu de parinti incearca sa isi educe copiii intr-o tara in care vietile lor sunt dispensabile.

De ce nu ma intereseaza ‘elita’


In lumina evenimentelor de la Colegiul National Tudor Vianu, din Bucuresti, aud tot mai des acest cuvant: “elita”. Ca e un liceu de elita, cu profesori de elita, cu elevi de elita… si ar trebui sa ii lasam sa faca lucrurile asa cum stiu ei (chiar daca asta inseamna umilirea unor elevi), pentru ca sunt elita si obtin rezultate bune la nustiuce olimpiade.


20 is the best time to be selfish

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I am selfish. I’ve realised this recently. I live only for myself, I’ve got no strings attached and no massive responsibilities. I can spend lazy days reading or sleeping or just doing nothing. I can travel wherever I want, whenever I want. I can stay in bed writing this blog post with no one to disturb me. Just because I want to… Noticed the preponderance of the word ‘I’?


I feel sorry for Cersei Lannister


I am almost half way through reading the books of ‘A song of Ice and Fire‘. Last night, after watching the first Comic Con that the Game of Thrones cast attended, I had a revelation. I feel sorry for Cersei Lannister. And I believe what Lena Headey, the actress who plays Cersei, says about the Queen Mother: she is misunderstood by the majority of people who hate her.

The books have given me a better perspective of the story. And here is why I think Cersei Lannister is troubled, but by no means is she a villain. (more…)

Small companies – the best place to start your career


The perception that successful people work for big corporations is wide spread. I started working about one year ago, for a very small company, in the North East of England. Not a good start, some said. I begged to differ. I think taking the job with a small business, in a small office, in the lost North East of England has been the best decision for my professional life. I’m not saying that working for corporations is a wrong decision. Sure, the money is good and you have those ‘team building’ events, with free travel, food and accommodation. In the end, it all comes to what your goals are and what your personality is.

So here’s what I learned from working for a small consultancy company: 


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